A deeply unsettling video making its rounds on social media depicts a woman in the United States brandishing a firearm and aiming it at passing vehicles within a bustling intersection. The tense scene takes a dramatic turn as she redirects the gun towards herself, only to be met with the forceful impact of a police car that collides with her, causing her to tumble to the ground. The incident unfolded on a Tuesday afternoon in Nassau County, as reported by NBC New York. Law enforcement in the area has shared that the woman, who is 33 years old, sustained minor injuries, and her identity has not yet been disclosed.

The video, shared widely across social media platforms, captures the woman in a menacing stance, using the firearm to threaten vehicles as she walks across the roadway. Witnesses recount that the incident occurred at the junction of Bellmore and Jerusalem avenues in North Bellmore, where she even fired a shot into the air.

Responding to a distress call, police officers arrived at the location around 2:20 PM local time. Just as the woman turns the gun towards herself, a police cruiser intervenes, striking her and causing her to collapse.

“Drop the weapon!” shouts an officer as he rushes towards her, his voice audible in the recording.

In her attempt to regain her balance, the woman reaches for the gun, but another officer swiftly steps in, taking her down as captured in the video footage.

Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder offered his insights on the situation, stating, “She’s waving a loaded firearm amidst traffic, directing it at individuals who have their children and families in their vehicles.”

The officer who steered the police vehicle into the woman was taken to a different hospital for treatment related to the traumatic event. Commissioner Ryder lauded the unidentified officer’s actions as heroic, commending their response to the grave threat posed by the woman’s actions.

“They exhibited exceptional performance. They confronted lethal physical force directed towards both civilians and themselves, using their vehicle to neutralize the threat,” he affirmed.

Local law enforcement is actively delving into the underlying motives behind the woman’s alarming behavior.


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